Kamakura Beer in Singapore!

Kamakura beer’s first export overseas

This is Kamakura beer’s first export overseas, and it has landed in Singapore, specifically Healthy Soba Iki in Raffles place! The beer that arrived is a brand that is enjoyed in conjunction with the lifestyle scene of Kamakura and Shonan area. Kamakura in Japan is a coastal city and Kamakura beer evokes emotions of the tranquility of the beach and nature, hence the names of the beer – ‘Moon‘, ‘Flower‘, ‘Star‘, ‘Enoshima‘ (this is an island off the Shonan coast). We hope that in this covid period, one can get a taste of what Kamakura might feel like by drinking it here in Singapore. We have a delicious range of beers from Kamakura that reflects the lifestyle and culture of Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

What is Kamakura beer?

Just as people have different personalities, the taste of beer is also unique. The difference in taste is determined by how the beer is made. Kamakura beer is born from a small-scale microbrewery. All of the work is done by hand, hence the name, craft beer. Beer that is allowed time to ripen and develop is unique. It will have a rich aroma and taste, and a mellow foam. It is also soft and gentle with a balanced bitterness.

The Yeast is alive!

The three pillars of raw material are good malt, which has the characteristics of colour and flavour and unique bitterness. Next are aromatic hops that provides a fragrance and suppresses the growth of miscellaneous bacteria. It is water quality controlled. If you add yeast along with these three pillars and let it ferment, a delicious beer will be produced. The focus of Kamakura beer is on vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. The yeast used in brewing is not filtered away – there is no wastage.

Taste the evolution of flavours as the temperature of the beer increases

Cold temperature softens and suppresses certain tastes. You have to store Kamakura beer cold, but when drinking it, sip it slowly and taste the difference as time progresses. The umami and richness of the beer will be enhanced with the increase in temperature. This also applies to other beverages like sake! Give it a try next time.

Head over to Healthy Soba Iki to try the beer! We are excited for you to get a taste of Kamakura – the hometown city of our chef. You can also grab a bottle or two online if you prefer sipping your beer at home, or perhaps in one of the beaches in Singapore to replicate the Kamakura experience 🙂

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