Spring sake tasting! Light and refreshing taste of Yamawa Junmai Ginjo and Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi Junmai Ginjo

The themed sake tasting at Healthy Soba Iki last week was spring sake, just in time for the new month of April! The season of spring is synonymous to new life, fresh starts and new beginnings. The image of the first blossoms of a cherry tree comes to mind. Seasonal sake made for spring also represent this atmosphere – the sakes are fresh, light, delicate and crisp. These light bodied sakes go well with burrata cheese or a Kaisen-don!

Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi Junmai Ginjo – this light, medium acidity and aromatic sake paired well with our kaisen-don!

We tried two different sakes – Yamawa Junmai Ginjo and Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi Junmai Ginjo. Yamawa Junmai Ginjo uses rice from Yamawa Shuzo brewery from the Miyagi prefecture while Kinoene is from Iinuma-Honke brewery located in Chiba prefecture. Read more about these spring sakes and admire the artfully designed sake bottles here! We started off by comparing the aroma of the two spring sakes. Both were fruity and aromatic, with Kinoene Haruzake exhibiting a more saccharine fruitiness with notes of lychee and melon, quite similar to the aroma of Mutsu Hassen Pink Label. Yamawa Junmai Ginjo had a more subdued aroma, with subtle notes of banana and the umami notes of moromi. This fuller bodied sake will go well with smoked duck.

On the palate the Kinoene Haruzake had a medium and sharp acidity that hits the tongue and lingers for a while. It was pleasantly fruity and crisp, and added a splash of freshness when paired with the Kaisen-don. The Yamawa Junmai Ginjo had a fuller body, with hints of banana and a deeper, rich umami that lingers at the back of the throat. The finish of this sake reminded me of the Tsukinowa Tokubetsu Junmai that I tasted a few weeks back.

Yamawa Junmai Ginjo and Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi Junmai Ginjo respectively. Look at those beautifully designed bottles!

Drop by Healthy Soba Iki at One Raffles Place to give these spring sakes a try while the stocks last! If you enjoy aromatic, light and fruity drinks, these will be a delight for you.

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