Delicious Tensei sake (天青) from Kumazawa Brewery from Kanagawa prefecture!

Sake tasting (Kumazawa brewery) at Healthy Soba Iki

Finally had another sake tasting at Healthy Soba Iki after the long circuit breaker! We tasted two different types of sake from Kumazawa Brewery (熊澤酒造). Founded in 1872, Kumazawa is Shonan’s only sake brewery. This brewery is special to chef Yusuke-san from Healthy Soba Iki because it originates from his hometown!

Took a nice walk along the Jubilee bridge linking esplanade to the Raffles Place area.

Rare clear, blue skies in sunny Singapore

Interestingly this was a subtle foreshadowing of the sake we were about to taste, with its name derived from the Chinese story of “雨過天青雲破処” – the colour of the sky after a rainy day – azure blue. The story goes as such:

“Emperor Huizong (1082–1135) of the Northern Song dynasty (960–1126) once dreamt about a sky with a beautiful colour. When he woke up, he wanted a way to remember this colour so he ordered Ru Kiln, the producers of celadon porcelain ware exclusively for royal use, to reproduce the hue. After numerous trials, the craftsmen of Ru Kiln finally succeeded in re-creating the colour to the emperor’s satisfaction. This shade of the “sky after rain” has been famous among ceramists since then”

Tensei, the brand of sake carried by Kumazawa brewery, is inspired by this story. They aim to brew sake with a deliciously smooth and quenching mouthfeel, much like how you’d imagine a “sky after rain” to be!

Tensei Junmai Ginjo

The first sake from Kumazawa brewery we tried was Tensei Junmai Ginjo. It has a rice milling ratio of 50%. True to its low milling ratio (50% of rice is left after milling, and the rest used to brew sake), this sake is delightfully aromatic with fruity aromas – pear, green apples. It is refreshing, quenching and has a low-mid acidity that leaves you yearning to take more sips. We enjoyed this sake with some small bites.

Pan-seared smoked duck

Shonan sparkling sake with a light, creamy cheesecake

We ended the meal with another sake from Kumazawa brewery – “Shonan sparkling”, named after the region where the brewery is based. This sake is aptly named, as it exemplifies the mood of the Shonan area which is popular for their beaches and it is located near the seaside where people relax. It is light, effervescent and has delicious brioche and green apple notes – perfect for Singapore’s weather and an evening walk along the Singapore river!

Head down to Healthy Soba Iki to have a taste of Shonan’s sake!

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