Kamakura ‘Flower’ Craft Beer


Kamakura ‘Flower’ Beer

Style: Dark Ale

Kamakura in autumn.

2011 WBA Brown Dark Ale Category World’s Highest Award
2010 JCBA Dark Ale Category Platinum Award

I felt the arrival of autumn when Rindo had purple flowers in the precincts of a small temple at the foot of Mt. Genji. Genji’s crest is “Sasa gentian” with bamboo grass, as if to honor the vitality of the flowers that bloom until late autumn. The city flower of Kamakura is also a gentian, named after the hero Yoritomo.
The sweetness and aroma of malt, the deep brown color reminiscent of dark beer, and the mellow taste of “Hana” are unique beers that combine gorgeousness and strength. You will rediscover the charm of beer with a mild taste that allows you to enjoy the balance of aroma and flavor.

Meat dishes, soy sauce-flavored and butter-flavored dishes, etc. By all means with desserts such as blue cheese, chocolate cake and pudding.

Deep intense colour with a full body. Despite being full bodied, it is sweet, fragrant and aromatic. Pair this with meat dishes and even desserts such as chocolate cake. This beer has won the 2010 JCBS Dark Ale Platinum Award and 2011 WBA Brown Dark Ale award for the highest quality in the world.





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