Kaze no Mori Yamada Nishiki 807


The Kaze no Mori ‘807’ series by Yucho Shuzo brewery uses rice that is only polished lightly. The idea behind this is to make full use of the energy of the land. This sake series seeks to maximise complexity and diversity of taste. The numbers ‘807’ has its meaning. ’80’ represents the rice polishing rate of 80% (20% of rice is polished away). ‘7’ refers to the yeast number 7 used during the fermentation which brings Kaze no Mori its fragrance.

Yamada Nishiki rice is milled to just 80% and contorted through extremely low brewing temperatures to create a sake that can only be described as crazy good. That is the short description. The long-form is this: An outstanding sake with kiwi fruit, new season pineapple, nashi pear, a hint of aniseed & minerals wrapped up into a lively palate with the tiniest effervescent bubbles dancing across your tongue.

Muroka Nama Genshu – unfiltered, unpasteurised, undiluted. Brewed by Yucho Shuzo – one of the most well respected modern breweries on the sake scene today.

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