S.tokyo Matsumidori Junmai Ginjo 2020


S.tokyo Matsumidori Junmai Ginjo 2020

Commemorate the Tokyo olympics with this sake!

S.tokyoで使用している酵母は「Saccharomyces tokyo NAKAZAWA(サッカロマイセス・トーキョー・ナカザワ)」という清酒酵母です。

中沢亮治先生が発見した清酒酵母を、中沢酒造の11代目 鍵和田 亮が醸すという、ご縁から始まった新商品開発。
酵母の研究に情熱を注いだ中沢先生の努力と、幻の酵母に敬意を表し、お酒の名前は酵母の名前そのままに「松みどり 純米吟醸 S.tokyo」としました。

神奈川の酒蔵の底力を伝えるためにも、11代目 鍵和田 亮は、新たな酒造り・これまでにない取り組みに積極的にチャレンジしています。

The yeast used in S.tokyo is a sake yeast called “Saccharomyces tokyo NAKAZAWA”.

This sake yeast was discovered in 1909 (Meiji 42) by Dr. Ryoji Nakazawa, a doctor of agriculture.

It is the second oldest existing sake yeast, but it was a phantom yeast that had never been used in sake brewing in the past.

A new product development that began with the connection that Akira Kagiwada, the 11th generation of Nakazawa Sake Brewery, brews sake yeast discovered by Professor Ryoji Nakazawa.

We miraculously revived the yeast that had been sleeping and succeeded in commercializing it as sake.

In honor of Dr. Nakazawa’s passion for yeast research and the phantom yeast, the name of the sake was changed to “Matsumidori Junmai Ginjo S.tokyo” as it is.

In Kanagawa Prefecture, there are 13 sake breweries that work hard to brew sake with a strong commitment and passion.

Nakazawa Sake Brewery wants to convey the deliciousness and splendor of local sake in Kanagawa to as many people as possible.

In order to convey the power of Kanagawa’s sake brewery, the 11th generation Akira Kagiwada is actively taking on the challenge of new sake brewing and unprecedented efforts.

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