Welcome to our sake tasting page! We will be releasing more tasting sets as time progresses.

You can use any glass/cup to drink your sake. What I find works best for chilled sake is a wine glass or any glass that has a similar shape – this shape accentuates the aromas of the sake! Swirl the liquid in the glass and try to pick up the aromas.

Using a sake masu to drink sake is also an interesting method. The masu, made of Hinoki Cypress, will impart a woody-spicy aroma and taste to the sake. Read more about our tasting experience using a masu here.

Akabu tasting set

Tasting notes

The two glasses of sake in the set are Akabu Junmai and Akabu Junmai Ginjo. Taste them side by side and try to compare the two sakes! Another interesting thing you can try is to drink some of the sake directly from the masu. Get the tasting set here!

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Akabu Shuzo

Akabu Shuzo brewery is located in Iwate prefecture, Japan. It was founded in 1897 and they have the goal of “brewing sake that evolves every day”

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